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The wonderfully beautiful red earrings are made with a unique lamp technology for people who love jewelry that stands out from others. The pearls are subdued, perky and at the same time beautiful. The glass beads are made of Murano glass in the Alfons glass studio. All metal parts of the earrings are silver. The jewelry is suitable for parties and everyday life

The total length of the earrings is 47 mm, the diameter of the beads is about 13 and 9 mm.

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Measuring of jewellery

The earrings are measured from the top of the hook to the bottom. The diameter of the beads in each piece of jewelry is also measured. The given dimensions are in millimeters and are approximate. The pearls are handcrafted and each pearl has its own special individual.

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Red / Silver


Metal parts silver / beads are from Murano glass


Handmade in Finland


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