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Gorgeous necklace with a beautiful blue pearl. The jewelry is made with a unique lamp technology. The pendant is for people who love glass jewelry.
Colors begin to live on in the jewelry and its pearl. The longer you look at it, the more beautiful it looks. The pearl is solemn. The jewelry fits any outfit
There is no such thing in the whole universe, it will enchant you.
The pearl is made by glass artist Alfons from Murano glass in his studio.
The pendant comes with a silver chain with a length of 50 cm. All metal parts of the pendant are silver.

The length of the pendant from the chain link is 33 mm and the width of the bead in the pendant is 16 mm.

We are not responsible for the addiction caused by glass jewelry

In stock


Measuring of jewellery

Pendants are measured from the top of the jewelry to the very bottom of the jewelry. The diameter is measured from the strongest part of the bead. Dimensions are given in millimeters and all dimensions are approximate because all beads and jewelry are unique crafts

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Blue / Silver


Silver / Murano glass


Handmade in Finland

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